We are focused on helping our local pups in need.


Not all dogs can remain themselves, or improve, in a shelter environment. With other dogs constantly creating noise, and people walking by day after day, some dogs take the dark path of shutting down and never find a forever family. Some dogs may require a little more work or attention. We aim to open a rescue sanctuary that will work to help in these scenarios, along with other rescue situations as well. We plan to start on a smaller scale and work to have a sanctuary large enough to always have an opening available for a dog in need.

All photography provided by Kristle Warne Photography, Jake Schneider Creations, & Supporters.

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Find out about our organization,
mission, and our dream to provide relief for our local homeless pups in need.


we need you

We cannot explain how much your support is needed. We are so grateful for every share, donation, and every kind word shared with us.